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XBRL provides companies with a standard global exchange format to rationalize and enhance in-house reporting as well as to exchange and communicate information with external parties— regulators, investors, analysts or any business information user.


Data behind the reports is created once and reused for all statutory and regulatory filings leading to reduced manual data entry and enhanced accuracy for the enterprise.


Report preparation with XBRL significantly reduces the reporting cycle enabling companies to release earnings sooner.


Our XBRL solutions can be integrated with enterprise information systems, allowing you to access and reuse business information for analysis right from the instant the information gets published, even as early as a trial balance.


Our integrated solutions require minimal manual work as data moves between internal systems. Management can now take decisions with the assurance of fidelity and speed.


Bring user-friendliness to investor relations by providing constituent and traceable data to the financial statements presented by your company with no extra effort.


Streamline the way companies collect data from their worldwide businesses and subsidiaries for their annual reports. Avoid tediously compiling spreadsheets with data pulled from multiple local systems and then uploading it into a central native system.


Enhance interoperability through standardized data definitions within the enterprise so that disparate information systems continue to exist but talk to each other in a common language.