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doremus fp instinctively understands the importance of executing flawlessly on a 24 hour basis.

Structured Products

From our service desk and composition to our production and distribution, doremus fp’s teams of specialists provide the right working structure for clients in the fast-paced arena of ABS, MBS and CMBS products.  In the successful completion of thousands of structured products assignments over the course of our more than 20-year history, we’ve developed a seamless approach that brings speed, consistency and accuracy to the fore in all projects.

With new assignments, we know instinctively the importance of executing flawlessly on a 24-hour basis, both to meet your expectations and the requirements for regulatory filings and distributions to the SEC.  It’s all second nature to us.  Throughout the process, our experience and expertise combine to proactively provide clients with the resources necessary in such areas as:

Pricing Sheets, Pricing Supplements, Free Writing Prospectuses (FWP), Prospectus Supplements, S-3s, EDGAR, Digital Printing.

Acronyms of course abound in the structured products market. In making your satisfaction our first priority, at doremus fp we might add another:
CFBS – Clients First/Best Service.