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All composition is done on site, no outsourcing.

Document Composition

doremus fp prides itself on its team of experienced professionals with up-to-date skills and its commitment to offering the latest technology.

  • All composition is done on-site, no outsourcing.
  • Single-source composition capability - one setting of your document with revisions automatically reflected in other documents as they are being worked upon - increases cost efficiency, decreases turnaround time and error potential.
  • Composition options available for creating efficiencies on your project
  • Service desk, typesetters, proofreaders experienced and fluent in financial printing and SEC requirements. Consistently fast and accurate.
  • 24/7 service available
  • Extensive involvement in EDGAR and XBRL composition and filing procedures, and investor communications documents
  • Ability to create documents of any size and complexity
  • Graphic design capabilities for formatting guidance and reflecting your company's templates and styles