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All composition is done on site, no outsourcing.

Annual Report

doremus fp can create an annual report that reflects your company’s professionalism. We offer major strength in financial printing, commercial printing and graphic design.

  • Our commercial design department, born in 2002 and has earned a reputation for offering creative solutions and cost efficiency. As an Omnicom affiliated company we have many years of experience meeting the demanding standards of Omnicom marketing agencies in projects we have done for them, and many of the country’s largest corporations and non-profits.
  • All composition is done on site. We have single source composition capability — one setting of your document with revisions automatically reflected in your documents as they are being worked upon increases cost efficiency and decreases turnaround around time and error potential. Composition options are available for creating efficiency on your project. Our service desk offers the height of individualized customer service. Our highly experienced typesetters and proofreaders are all fluent in financial printing and SEC requirements. Our work is consistently fast and accurate.
  • We operate on a regular 24/5 basis with 24/7 availability. We can create documents of any size and complexity. Graphic design for the financial reporting pages are available for formatting guidance and reflecting your company’s templates and styles.
  • Our annual report design work reflects our long experience creating annual reports for the business world. Our award winning creative work on marketing materials make us uniquely capable of designing annual reports for a wide range of industries.
  • Interactive Annual Reports

  • Our award winning graphic design team can take your company branded PDF and turn it into an interactive document as easy to read as an e-book. A linked document index, Excel, downloadable charts, photos, videos are designed for user friendliness.
  • Video Annual Reports

  • With a creative team that has won awards for their video work in the marketing world (including powerful testimonial video content) we can create a video annual report that will tell your company’s story in a memorable and dynamic way.